The campaign for accessible emergency contraception.

The campaign for accessible emergency contraception.

About the Campaign

When emergency contraception was first made available to buy in pharmacies, the price was deliberately set high, and a mandatory consultation imposed, to prevent women from using it as a regular method of contraception. This is patronising and insulting.

Until recently, British women were paying up to £30 for a pill which costs a fraction of that to produce. In France, women can buy emergency contraception for just €7.

After we launched the Just Say Non! campaign to call on major retailers to drop the price of emergency contraception, Superdrug and Tesco both halved the price of progestogen-based emergency contraception to around £13. Boots initially refused to follow suit, citing fears that a low price point would “incentivise inappropriate use”. However, after a backlash from members of the public, healthcare professionals and MPs, they finally introduced a generic version for £15.99.

This is good news for women – but it is not the end of the campaign.

In order to access EC, women must endure a mandatory consultation with their pharmacist. Not only is this intrusive and embarrassing, but there is no clinical need for it. Emergency contraception is an extremely safe medication, which is sold without a consultation in the USA, Canada, and many European countries including France.

We want to see emergency contraception reclassified so that it can be sold straight from the pharmacy shelf – meaning women do not need to undergo a consultation with a pharmacist unless they choose to.

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Join the campaign and Just Say Non! to the stigma and shame around emergency contraception. 

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