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When emergency contraception was first made available to buy in pharmacies, the price was deliberately set high to prevent women from using it as a regular method of contraception. This is patronising and insulting.

British women have been paying up to £30 for a pill which costs a fraction of that to produce.  In France, women can buy emergency contraception for just €7.

Since we launched the Just Say Non campaign to call on the major retailers to drop the price of emergency contraception, Superdrug and Tesco have both halved their prices to around £13. Unfortunately, Boots – the leading high-street pharmacy – has so far refused, stating that they are concerned there would be complaints from those who oppose women’s access to this safe and essential medication. However, recent polling by YouGov shows the public support significantly reducing the price – indeed, the median cost for emergency contraception suggested by women was just £8.

Boots is the largest high-street pharmacy in the UK, and 90% of the population lives within 10 minutes of one of their shops. For affordable emergency contraception to be truly accessible to the majority of women, it needs to be available at Boots.

We need to tell Boots to urgently reconsider this policy, following Superdrug and Tesco by doing the right thing by women and ditching the sexist surcharge on emergency contraception.

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