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It is now 15 years since the progestogen-only emergency contraceptive Levonelle (now also sold as Boots Emergency Contraceptive and Consilient) was first made available to women to buy from behind the counter in pharmacies after a consultation with a pharmacist. The price was deliberately set high and a mandatory consultation introduced to prevent women from using it as a regular method of contraception. This is patronising and insulting. British women can today pay up to £30 for a pill which costs a fraction of that to produce and have to endure a clinically unnecessary consultation, at their own expense. In France, it costs just €7. In essence, British women are paying the ultimate sexist surcharge on their sex lives. This is neither right nor fair.

What you need to know:

  • While EC is available free from GPs and clinics, appointments are hard to obtain quickly
  • Many women have no choice but to buy EC and the cost is much higher here than elsewhere in Europe
  • In many countries, EC is available to buy directly off the shelf
  • Mandatory consultation adds to the high cost – yet there is no clinical need for it
  • EC is extremely safe, and considerably safer than other medications sold straight from the shelf
  • 1/3 of British women have had unprotected sex in the last 12 months, the majority did not use EC after
  • Women need an affordable product, which they can pick up straight from the shop shelf
  • Join us to help achieve that!

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UK women pay up to 5x more for emergency contraception!


Emergency contraception is considerably more expensive in the UK than elsewhere in Europe, where it can often be bought without consultation and picked up straight from the shelf. Few women want to talk about their sex life on the shop floor of the pharmacy, and there is no clinical need for a woman to undergo a consultation – unless she wants to. The current framework for pharmacy access to emergency contraception leaves women out of pocket, and often feeling ashamed. There is simply no clinical reason for emergency contraception to be kept behind the pharmacy counter – it belongs on the shelves, at a price women can afford.

Emergency contraception is extremely safe, and safer than:

  • Painkillers
  • Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRTs)
  • Digestive medicines such as proton pump inhibitors

All of which we are trusted to use without a pharmacist’s advice, unless we ask for it.


Join the campaign for change and Just Say Non! To the high cost of emergency contraception. 

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